5 Signs It's Time to Dump Him

If your man falls into too many of these categories, then it's probably time to say good riddance!
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5 Signs It’s Time to Dump Him

If your man falls into too many of these categories, then it’s probably time to say good riddance!

-Carolyn French

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We’ve all been in relationships that weren’t exactly up to snuff. And while guys most certainly will be guys, where should we draw the line? At what point does it become time to throw in the towel?

These are 5 signs it just might be time to give him the boot:

1. He’s Way Too Immature

Immaturity is just about the unsexiest quality a man can possess. Ya know, things like being rude to your parents and blowing money on video games when he can’t even pay his bills, not to mention take you out to dinner. There’s nothing worse than when his inner frat boy comes out at parties (beer pong much?), and don’t even get us started on inappropriate jokes that stop conversations dead in their tracks.

There’s only one thing worse than his lame-ass behavior, and that’s the inability to apologize for said behavior because he is too immature to see that what he’s doing is wrong. Relationship expert Cami Zimmer explains, “When a man can’t say ‘sorry,’ it is a sign he’s not ready to give ground. If he’s not willing to show a little weakness early in the relationship, chances are it’ll only grow worse as the relationship grows.”

Idiotic behavior + no apology = BAD NEWS.

Face it girls: if words like commitment, 401(K) and property taxes are not in his vocabulary, there’s not much chance someone like this could even conceive of working towards a future. Next!

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2. He’s Way Too Selfish

The biggest faux pas of this type is never putting your needs first (in and out of the bedroom). He doesn’t care if you hate racquetball; he’ll drag you along, anyway. Instead of taking care of you while you’re sick, he simply says, “Call me in a week.” He doesn’t let you know if he’s going to be late, and forget about him ever calling to see if you need him to pick something up at the store before cruising by. Eww. A relationship should be about give and take, and we don’t mean you doing all the giving and not getting much back in return.

“This can leave you feeling alone and not cared for in the relationship,” says mental health counselor and relationship expert Janie Lacy. “He will not consider the impact of his selfish behavior on you and the relationship. He will actually try to turn it around and point out your faults to avoid dealing with his selfish behavior.”

What’s the point of having all the drawbacks of being tied down without having any of the benefits? He doesn’t need to be your slave, but not being half of a “we” should be a deal breaker.

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  1. I dated a string of under-employed men in my thirties who always had some excuse on why they couldn’t pay their car insurance, couldn’t find a job–or keep a job. While I wasn’t looking for a millionaire, I was looking for a grownup and thankfully, finally found one, who I married. Another red flag: they can’t say “I love you.”

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