5 First-Time Sex Tips – from Your Gay Best Friend

Having sex with someone new can be both exciting and a little scary. Our gay BFF shares his advice on how to make it an experience you'll both want to repeat again and again.
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5 First-Time Sex Tips – from Your Gay Best Friend

Having sex with someone new can be both exciting and a little scary. Our gay BFF shares his advice on how to make it an experience you’ll both want to repeat again and again.

-Brian Clark

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No matter how old you are, the first seriously intimate moment in a new relationship is like walking into Disneyland for the first time. Excitement is high! Expectations are even higher! There are stringent height requirements!

I’ve been on all the rides at nearly all the theme parks around and, trust me, they’re all different. My biggest piece of advice regarding your first time with a guy is to follow your instincts and listen to your partner. This can be tough when you don’t know someone very well and you’re nervous, but it can mean the difference between sex that feels exciting and in-tune, and an awkward encounter with Goofy.

Below are five sure-fire tips for you and your man as you embark on your first trip through this new “magic kingdom.” But before you take off, remember that in the same way you’d never get into any amusement park ride without securing your seatbelt or following the safety instructions, protection is a must. Your relationship is untested and keeping things safe will keep you healthy. Condoms = Respect. Ready? Here we go!

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Big Thunder Mountain Foreplay
OK, you’ve made it through a few dates or a few months of dates (or a few minutes of a date) and you’ve decided this is a night that will end in fireworks. No matter what your personal romantic schedule, remember… sex, like a good roller coaster, is one-part real thrills and two-parts building anticipation. So, build it. Draw out the experience. Disney makes us wait in line for an hour for a three-minute thrill and they’re selling tickets all over the world. So, with this in mind, start with flirty touches during dinner. Then, as the wine begins to work its magic, take time to undress and tease him. And when the time is right, throw your guy some twists and turns, spin him upside down and take him to the limits of gravity. This can be as simple as the surprising placement of a kiss. My favorite trick: Get your guy to lie face down (usually under the ruse of a massage or tan-line inspection – I date a lot of swimmers) and then, instead, treat him to a trail of kisses starting from the back of his ankle to the crux of the knee, then up to his inner thigh and as far as you want to go. For a guy, this is the equivalent of a ten-story drop at 175 miles per hour. Varoooooooooooom!

Another huge turn-on for guys? Touch yourself in a sensual way. This seems simple, but serves multiple purposes. It will surprise him, drive him crazy and will also give him a clue as to what you like and don’t like. This has worked time and again for me and always seems to impress the gents. It also shows you’ve got some confidence, which is always a super-hot turn-on.

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0 thoughts on “5 First-Time Sex Tips – from Your Gay Best Friend

  1. LOVE IT! LOL…great analogy with Disneyland… Most of the BEST sex/relationship advice I’ve received in my life has been from gay men… When you spring it on a straight guy, they are ALWAYS thrilled! :) xo

  2. Me and my gay bf when we have sex what we did the first time was just let loose and just let the hormones and everything else take control. Love the theme.

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