25 Ways to Meet a Guy This Holiday Season

Make your romantic life jolly and bright by finding a great guy to snuggle with during the holidays.
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If all you need is love this holiday season, you better start looking for it, sweetheart! We know it’s cold outside, but you’ll be much warmer in the arms of a handsome guy, so shut off those depressingly sappy holiday movies, take off that Snuggie, get your booty off the couch, and get outside, where it’s snowing men!

Here are 25 things you can do to bump into single guys during the holidays. Do one of these each day, and by New Year’s Eve, you’ll have someone to lip lock with at midnight.

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1. Take your laptop to the nearest coffee shop and check your email or do your online shopping there. Sip on a festive hot cocoa and spend the majority of your time scoping out the other coffee drinkers for SAC (single and cute) guys.

2. Avoid the Pier 1s and Crate and Barrels. These stores are full of couples wanting to decorate their shared space. Bummer. Try Borders or Best Buy instead – you don’t have to be a twosome to shop there.

3. It’s Friday night. Even if you don’t have plans yet, go to the liquor store and spend a long time perusing the aisles. If you see a potential guy, ask him what he likes to drink in the winter – you need a present for your sister’s boyfriend.

4. Catch those dog owners by going for an early morning walk. Wake up earlier than usual, bundle up, and hit the pavement. If you don’t find anyone on your outing, at least you’re working on your figure.

5. Every Sunday, grab a girlfriend and plant yourself at the nearest sports bar. Order a beer, and just wait – the football-watching guys will come to you.

6. On Monday night, do your errands in your favorite football jersey. Odds are the Monday Night Football fans will be out and about getting ready to watch the game.

7. Better yet, grab some friends and go to the game. Find cheap tickets to the NFL, NHL or NBA and hit the stands (and maybe the beer line).

8. Hit the gym and exercise your flirting skills by asking a cute guy for some workout tips or techniques.

9. Ask if you could be your friend’s plus one at their office holiday party. Strike up a conversation with one of his/her coworkers who is obviously flying solo for the night.

10. Host your own holiday party and encourage your guests to bring their friends (especially if they’re cute and single!). Impress them all with a delicious spread, and an equally delicious-looking outfit.

11. Take a Saturday morning stroll through the park – you’ll be surrounded by dog owners, bicyclists, runners, joggers, and the guys who have better things to do on the weekend than be hungover.

12. Shop in the men’s section of stores like H&M, Zara, and J.Crew. Ask a cute stranger his opinion on what you should get your brother (or imaginary cousin) for Christmas. If it doesn’t pan out, retreat smoothly to the women’s section.

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  1. All good calls, Faye! I think it would be good to try a different Starbucks a few towns over instead of your everyday go-to…it will introduce a whole new clientele!

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