13 Summer Hair Care Myths Debunked

Will lemon juice really lighten your hair? Does hair color fade faster in the summer? The answers to these summer hair care myths are finally revealed!
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We’ve all heard the stories: Lemon juice is a natural way to lighten your hair, hair sunscreen doesn’t work, hats protect your hair from the sun’s rays and hair grows faster in the summer. To find out what was the truth and what was a myth, we turned to celebrity hairstylist Jorge Luis of New York City’s Prive Salon. Jorge created hairstyles for the runways, magazines and TV. If anyone knows how to tame hair, it’s Jorge.

1. Myth or Truth: Do hair products with sunscreen actually protect your hair?

Truth: Absolutely! The sunscreens won’t give you 100 percent protection, but they will block most of the sun’s damaging rays.


prive flash brilliance

Prive Flash Brilliance ($22, priveproducts.com). Protects against UV damage, moisturizes while it gives your hair shine and softness.

ag ultradynamics hair spray

AG Ultradynamics extra-firm spray ($18, ulta.com). This firm hold hairspray has a PABA free sunscreen too!

2. Myth or Truth: Is shorter hair actually any easier to deal with in the summer than longer hair?

Myth: Short hair is not always easier to deal with than long hair. I find that when your hair is short you always need the right product and some styling for it to look is best. While with long hair you can be creative with styling your hair. You can try fish tail breads, French braids, pony tail or the look of the moment, the high bun.


joico pomade

Joico brilliantine pomade ($9.99, walgreens.com). Adds moisture, texture and gives a high-gloss shine to styled hair.

prive texture

Prive Finishing texture spray ($17.50, priveproducts.com). Gives your hair volume, body while it makes sure frizz doesn’t show up.

Do humidity-fighting products really work and more up next! 

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