12 Celebrity Redheads for Rupert Grint's Birthday

In honor of Rupert Grint's birthday, we've rounded up 12 other awesome celeb gingers for him to hang out with. Happy birthday, Rupert!
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12 Celebrity Redheads for Rupert Grint’s Birthday

In honor of Rupert Grint’s birthday, we’ve rounded up 12 other awesome celeb gingers for him to hang out with. Happy birthday, Rupert!

-Lucia Peters

Rupert Grint

It’s a little weird knowing that all of the kids from Harry Potter will go on growing up without us being able to watch them do it onscreen anymore, isn’t it? Bless them all for being willing to live out their awkward years in the most public arena possible!

Though come to think of it, we probably can’t call them “kids” anymore; they’re all in their twenties at least by this point. In fact, guess what? Tomorrow is Rupert “Ron Weasley” Grint’s 24th birthday! Rupert is one of our very favorite celebrity gingers, so in honor of the occasion, we’ve rounded up 12 other redheaded celebrities for him to hang out with—including a few you may not know are naturally flame-haired. Note: We went with natural redheads here, so alas, stars like Emma Stone and Christina Hendricks (both naturally blonde) are sadly absent from our list. It doesn’t mean we love them any less, though!

Happy 24th, Rupert!

1. Damian Lewis

Damian Lewis

This London-born ginger got his big break when Steven Spielberg saw him as Laertes in a production of Hamlet opposite Ralph Fiennes—a viewing which led Spielberg to cast Damian in Band of Brothers. Fun fact (and another Harry Potter connection): He’s married to Helen McCrory, who played Narcissa Malfoy.

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2. Lily Cole

Lily Cole

Doll-faced Lily Cole is a smartypants as well as a beauty: She holds a Double First in Art History from Cambridge. Who knew?

3. Florence Welch

Florence Welch

We were absolutely gutted to heat that Florence and the Machine’s redheaded frontwoman injured her vocal cords last month! We’re glad that she’s taking the time off to recover, though—rest up, Florence!

Up next: Jessica Chastain and more!

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