10 Things A Guy Shouldn't Do on A First Date

Sometimes even the best intentions can turn a first date into nightmare.
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10 Things A Guy Shouldn’t Do on A First Date

Sometimes even the best intentions can turn a first date into nightmare.

-PJ Gach

First date

First date jitters — we’ve all been there. No matter how long you plan to get ready, you may forget something. Deodorant, matching shoes, or your brain. Small things that you might need later on during the night. Most women learn from past goofs. After a bit of practice, they know what they need to do to be ready and have fun on a date. First or thirtieth. I’m sorry to say, as much as I love men, I know that they’re, oh, shall we say … slow learners. Here’s a list of things that guys should never, ever, ever do on a first date. Unless they don’t want a second one.

1. Don’t show up with an expensive or inappropriate present.

Unless you’re a sugar daddy, don’t bring anything “extra” with you.

2. Don’t offer to share a cup of coffee.

I’m not kidding; a girlfriend of mine had a first date at a coffee shop. The guy shows up and offers to buy her a cup of tea. He then tries to get her to split it with him. This brings me to…

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3. Don’t show up without money.

I hate to say this, but…if you ask a woman out on a date, the assumption is that you’re paying. Once you’re involved with someone, you can go Dutch, or take turns paying. Don’t expect a woman to pay her and your way on the very first date.

4. Don’t forget to shower.

Even if you don’t think you smell after working out, you do. If you haven’t worked out, please shower anyway. Oh yes, use deodorant too.

5. Don’t wear sweatpants.

Unless your first date is at the gym.

More dating dos and dont’s up next.

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