10 Little-Known Facts About Katy Perry

We can't get enough of the 'Teenage Dream' songstress!
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10 Little-Known Facts About Katy Perry

We can’t get enough of the ‘Teenage Dream’ songstress!

-Carolyn French

Katy Perry

It seemed like only yesterday that Katy Perry was singing about kissing a girl and waking up flat broke in Vegas. The 25-year-old superstar has made quite a name for herself over the past two years, and not all the press has been good press.

Most recently Katy was slammed for her appearance on the eternally innocent PBS program Sesame Street. Many parents were appalled at her low cut, cleavage-baring dress, and the episode (originally set to air on New Year’s Eve) was nixed.

Being the good sport that she is, Katy took it in stride and even joked about the cancellation with her husband-to-be Russell Brand via Twitter.

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Speaking of the eccentric lovebirds, have you heard about their new $2.7 million Tribeca “crash pad”? It’s gorgeous, and perfect for a couple about to experience wedded bliss for the first time.

Read on for 10 fun facts about the woman who is straight out of Milton Bradley’s classic Candy Land board game!

Family Life

Katy Perry

Going by her highly risqué style choices and questionable lyrics you wouldn’t expect Katy to have come from a fundamental Christian household, but boy did she ever! Her parents are both ministers and, needless to say, they weren’t too thrilled when their daughter hooked up with a former manwhore. Luckily, things have since been smoothed over.

She Used to Cover It Up!

Katy Perry

The same woman who delights in showing off her physical attributes couldn’t stand her bodacious bod back in the day, due to obnoxious cat calls.

“I had a very early development,” Katy revealed last year. “I had big boobs for my age, and I was like, ‘This is awkward! I look weird in the middle!’ And in ninth grade, I would literally be called Over-the-Shoulder-Boulder-Holder. I hated (my breasts) and I would tape them down and try to disguise them by wearing baggy things.”

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