10 Little-Known Facts About Angelina Jolie

These fascinating tidbits about Brad Pitt's love will knock your socks off.
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10 Little-Known Facts About Angelina Jolie

These fascinating tidbits about Brad Pitt’s love will knock your socks off.

-Carolyn French

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie

If you put aside the disgusting Billy Bob Thornton era, and the “did she/didn’t she” steal Brad drama, what’s not to love about Angelina Jolie? After all, millions of people around the world consider her something of a guardian angel!

And, with her highly anticipated spy thriller Salt hitting theatres July 23, we thought a rundown of her more obscure fun facts was in order….

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21 thoughts on “10 Little-Known Facts About Angelina Jolie

  1. She looks kind of like she has a huge butthole for a mouth. Back in the old days when “beautiful” actually meant “beautiful”, Hollywood would have laughed at her.

  2. Does Betty have a psychologist consultant? What does it mean when a person strongly dislikes physical contact, has extremely high IQ, and an ability to manage an inhuman number of projects? I have a friend whose child is also like that. She’s unsure whether to be worried or not. They’re seeing a psychologist next month.
    I just recognized these traits in Jolie as well and was curious.

  3. This is an article about Angelina yet the haters have to continue to bash Jen who did nothing wrong except trust this woman and her then cheating husband to remain faithful. What does that say about you?

  4. i think she is pretty and all but i think her bottom lip looks like it has a butt crack in the middle. it looks good on her but i'm just saying. you may not see it because maybe it's just my eyes and the way i see it. i also think that it's gross that in the pictures she is kissing her brother but who am i to judge? it's not my problem or business. i respect what she does and thinks. we all have our opinions. i also like tattoos but the one on her arm doesn't look right. i respect that she loves her children but couldn't she ask for a better design so it wouldn't look so plain and bad? again, i respect her choices and i'm not judging her, i'm just saying my opinions. thanks for reading!

  5. Watched the Changeling last night and practically fell asleep. I was looking for her great acting ability and found her to be not very believable although the clothes and cars in the movies were great. I really like the hats she wore. The movie was based on a true story and it just felt put together in such a way that showcased the fashion more than anything. Maybe she needs to stay away from drama and stay with the action flicks where she doesn’t have to actually act. I was disappointed in this movie, it left me bored even though the story line was good it was not put together in a way that kept my interest and she is so over rated as a actress.She looked horrible in this film except for the very last scene when she walked away. That this story was wasted on her was a shame because a number of other actresses could have done much better.

  6. She is a shining example of all that is wrong in the world. With the exception of the kids which scares me that six beautiful
    children will be raised into lost messes like A&B.

  7. Aren’t we all just over them: Brad, Jen & Angelina. Angelina is just a little too creepy (the freaky, a-moral beauty but kind philanthropist). Jen does seem a little boring, although sweet. But Brad is the real loser that got away with everything. It’d be nice to not see one of them on the cover of a magazine at the grocery check-out for even a week. I think you’d hear the world make a collective sigh of relief! :)

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