10 Hottest Vampires of 2010

These bloodsuckers can sink their teeth into us any day.
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10 Hottest Vampires of 2010

These bloodsuckers can sink their teeth into us any day.

-Sarah Polonsky

Twilight cast

2010 should go down in history as the year the vampires took over. Twilight, True Blood and Vampire Diaries have commandeered our bookshelves, televisions and movie theaters. Not that we’re complaining. With the emergence of every new vampire tome and flick comes an onslaught of stunning actors who portray these bloodthirsty undead creatures of the night made for our viewing (and fantasizing) pleasure.

Our culture’s latest obsession with these mysterious and alluring vampires may not be healthy for some girls, but it we’d be remiss if we didn’t stop and admit that we can’t help ourselves!

A dream of walking through a moonlit heavily wooded area where a gorgeous (and preferably shirtless) vampire is headed toward us makes our temperatures rise oh-so high. We are mercilessly onboard the bloodsucker bandwagon.

And with that brazen admission, we now bring you the 10 hottest vampires of 2010.

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0 thoughts on “10 Hottest Vampires of 2010

  1. girleegirl says:

    My obsession with these vampires is DEF not healthy.

  2. Fashionista says:

    My vote is for Alexander Skarsgard!

  3. uptowngirl says:

    Gotta love Rpatz!!

  4. danggirl says:

    Hmmm .. I think I’d take Stephen Moyer over Sparkles!

  5. LibStew says:

    The Salvatore brothers, Damon, Ian Somerhalder is the hottest guy.

  6. saralinda says:

    Stephen Moyer – yes please. That face, those kisses – he’s the top of my list.

  7. redraidergirl says:

    Umm the true blood characters -(well the men at least) are much more appealing than any of the twilight men! Espcially the Edward vamp! Eric is um umm good!

  8. lesliesm22 says:

    To hell with the twilight vamps. Go watch Frank Langella play Dracula in the 1979 movie and see what a vampire that has finished angsting puberty is really like!

  9. teamemmett17 says:

    emmett cullen- kellan lutz is a fukin hot vamp. he is a fine ass mother fuker & he shld be the hottest vampire ever!!!!!!! hell ya go team emmett

  10. blooddoner says:

    i have an unhealthy love 4 vampires….i had a sleepover n best friend told me i was inviting damon salvatore into my house in my sleep….i even make my boyfriend bite me on my neck really hard, it feels great! i

  11. RedSoxGirl says:

    First off, I do not agree with the order at all. I am so over the garbage that is twilight. Pathetic writing and acting. Give me the men of True Blood and Vampire Diaries any day. Great writing, acting, and real men!!! I wish Buffy would stake Edward already! To quote the men of Supernatural, Suck it Twilight!

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