10 Things You Should Know About Betty White

At age 88, our favorite Betty will become the oldest person ever to host "Saturday Night Live” this weekend!
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10 Things You Should Know About Betty White

At age 88, our favorite Betty will become the oldest person ever to host “Saturday Night Live” this weekend!

-Sarah Polonsky

Betty White

After over 500,000 people joined the Betty White to Host SNL Facebook page, Saturday Night Live producer, Lorne Michaels knew he better take action immediately and snatch up America’s original sweetheart for the show.

The time has finally arrived. This Saturday night (May 8th, 11:30 p.m. EST), Betty will take to the SNL stage and assuredly bring the house down with her comic wit and a charm that just won’t quit. Also performing on the show is musical guest Jay-Z. And get this—BettyConfidential will be on set to give you behind-the-scenes scoop!

This weekend is going to be all about Betty. WE network is even having a 14-episode Golden Girls marathon on Saturday to celebrate the pop culture icon, followed by a second one on Sunday for “MA DAY,” featuring episodes about mothers and daughters.

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In honor of the occasion we have brought you a list of some fun facts about America’s golden gal. Live from New York… it’s Betty White!

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0 thoughts on “10 Things You Should Know About Betty White

  1. Still can’t believe she’s 88! To me, she’s like that favorite family member who’s “always” been around and never really seems to get older.

  2. well u know it going to be a great SNL episode with out hoping it is going to be cause Ms. White is hosting it she is one great lady lady and great actress and funny as hell sorry about my mouth. i can not wait to c it either i bookmark it on my tv weeks ago b4 the month of April ended and going to watch it later on my dvr i cannot watch iam just glad they went the route of her hosting the show by herself and not adding anybody with her to do it with her that is. Cause she can handle and a whole entire show her self she can do anything and everything at her age she is doing a new show on comedy cental and all. i can not wait only one more day .

  3. only someone like Betty White could persuade me to watch SNL on purpose – classy lady, ageless and inspiring – not something SNL usually promotes – this time I will be watching!!

  4. I was at a Havard Bookstore in Cambridge where Betty was doing a book signing. I worked for a inventory company at the time and my associate and I were scanning books and talking and she said that Betty was married to Gene Rayburns and I said nope she was married to Alan Lunden. All of a sudden I feel a tug at my leg (we were standing on a tall counter with our heads in a stock shelf) and when I bent down there she was crystal blue eyes and dimples herself laughing she said yr right it was Alan Lunden and she gave me candy and told us to take a break. When the boss came around the corner and saw us he went to make a comment and she stepped right up to him and said listen buster i told them to kick back. That happened in my 30’s I never forget it.

  5. Betty IS the best. citymouse has it right on. I’ve been watching her since I was a kid and she still looks great (naturally, which is another great story for someone working in Hollywood)and is as funny, humble and nice as ever!

  6. I loved when she named off where her relatives were from…this wasn’t one of them ex:goofenhavenfervor, but it could have been for it’s silliness. Her wit and hilarious wisdom is timeless, she should be one heckuva huge hit on SNL!

  7. I adore Betty White! I have not watched SNL in twenty years, but this is one episode that I won’t miss. What a classy and festive lady she is…..

  8. Betty isn’t actually taking a bit out of the candy bar in the commercial. Being a vegan doesn’t mean you think all foods you don’t eat are poison to others. I’ve got my DVR set to record SNL. Love that woman.

  9. I am 65. I started watching Betty White when I was 6 years old. She has been my favorite comedian for the past 60 years. I do not know a person who has an unfavorable remark about Betty. We love her and she is definitely our favorite comedian!

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