10 Best Chick Flicks of 2009

Run, don't walk, to your nearest movie theater or Blockbuster to check out these must-see movies.
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10 Best Chick Flicks of 2009

Run, don’t walk, to your nearest movie theater or Blockbuster to check out these must-see movies.

-Neil Turitz

chick flicks of 2009

These chick flicks aren’t just guilty pleasures, they’re a collection of musical, emotion-filled, action-packed, fashion-crazed, food-obsessed treats that should be enjoyed over and over again.

10. The Ugly Truth

The Ugly Truth

Katherine Heigl, playing an uptight producer, gets love advice from Gerard Butler’s caddish reporter. How can they not fall in love? It’s, like, Rom-Com 101!

9. Julie and Julia

Julie and Julia

We think the fabulous Meryl Streep is a shoo-in for yet another Best Actress Oscar nomination, which would normally be enough for us, but the portrayal of Julia Child’s relationship with her husband (played winningly by Stanley Tucci) seals the deal. Oh, and Amy Adams is in it, too.

8. The September Issue

The September Issue

Not what one would normally consider to be a part of this category, but this documentary about Anna Wintour and her staff at Vogue putting together the most important issue of the year is riveting from start to finish.

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7. Whip It

Whip It

The first of two Drew Barrymore movies in this list, this one also happens to be her feature-directing debut. And, it’s got Ellen Page and Kristen Wiig in it. And, it’s about roller derby. You do the math.

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0 thoughts on “10 Best Chick Flicks of 2009

  1. FBNYC says:

    I still can’t believe I haven’t seen The September Issue yet! I need to see it soon!!!

  2. kitty says:

    I can’t wait to see Did You Hear About the Morgans? looks so funny!

    Aren’t chick flicks the best?

  3. khc1114 says:

    I loved Julie and Julie, but I missed the September Issue and 500 days of summer. I’ll add those to my list!

  4. mk_ultra says:

    The September Issue was definitely the best.

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